Biology, Informatics and Social Sciences seminars

The Research Institute of the University of Bucharest (ICUB)

ICUB is a newly established research institute, a research division of the University of Bucharest. Its mission is to promote and stimulate outstanding research in all disciplines. The institute has four divisions: Exact Sciences, Social Sciences, Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences, Humanities. The institute encourages international and interdisciplinary projects, offers grants and scholarships and is actively engaged in establishing, promoting and encouraging international collaborations among scholars, at all levels.

The Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences Division of ICUB

(ICUB-SVMP – Institutul de Cercetare al Universității din București – Științele Vieții, Mediului și Pământului)

The Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences Division of ICUB is working towards excellence in the research areas within biology, geography and geology sciences, by creating an attractive research platform and funding opportunities for the very best individual researchers and groups from our university, but also for foreign leading scientists and young researchers.

Scientific Committee:

  • Mariana Carmen Chifiriuc (Faculty of Biology) – coordinator of the ICUB-SVMP
  • Carmen Postolache (Faculty of Biology)
  • Laura Comănescu (Faculty of Geography)
  • Lucian Petrescu (Faculty of Geology)

Biology, Informatics and Social Sciences seminars – BIS seminars

The BIS seminars are designed by Dr. Mariana-Carmen CHIFIRIUC and Dr. Alexandru-Florian DEFTU to help researchers from the division of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences Division to interconnect and present their research and discoveries to the public. The seminars will be announced from time and will be organized in the auditorium of The Platform of Research in Biology and Systemic Ecology, Str. Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, Bucharest.

The purpose of this series of one-day BIS seminar is to facilitate face to face interactions among researchers from different scientific disciplines who are involved in solving challenging research problems of broad biomedical, ecological or industrial interest. Participants will include researchers from biological, medical, physical, chemical, bioinformatics, engineering faculties and institutes, as well as representatives of industrial partners. We hope that these periodic meetings will foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and create the opportunity to develop joint research projects that could offer an interdisciplinary approach for critical research problems. These workshops will also encourage and facilitate the networking of graduate, master, doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows with investigators from different fields of research. Our research topics will include, but not limit to novel strategies to combat infectious diseases and cancer, inter-kingdom communication and signaling, biomaterials, biotechnologies, genomics/metagenomics, genetics, bioinformatics, statistics.